Check out Iris’s contributions to several womens health articles!

Bodhidevi is a truly multifaceted and holistic wellness service, vying to improve your health from every angle. We therefore provide Big Island women with opportunities for yoga, fitness classes, farm-to-table nutrition, and spa services. For our sisters across the sea, we also offer a one-week immersive yoga retreat: Awake Goddess. 

Journalists frequently look to Iris for valuable contributions to their womens health articles. Check out her contributions below!

“They turned their open-air garage into a multi-use space complete with interlocking padded flooring, benches, pull-up stations, kettle balls, wooden blocks and an Olympic bar. ‘It’s our meditation hall at 6 a.m., our cross-training gym at 7 a.m. and our yoga studio at 11 a.m.’”


“Iris Lami, owner and ayurvedic therapist at the Gingerhill Farm Retreat…says ‘imbalanced doshas can create a whole host of health complications, so it’s important to maintain a regimen that includes regular detoxification practices.’”

“‘Many of us make the mistake of assuming that if we run the way professional runners do, we will lean out to look like them,’ explains Iris Lami, personal trainer and co-manager of Gingerhill Farm Retreat. ‘But professional runners don’t end up as lean as they do because they are professional runners; they are professional runners because they are naturally lean, giving them an advantage in the sport.'”


-Spark People

Does Intermittent Fasting Cause Headaches?

“To help it along, you can also make changes to your menu. “Try taking in more calories from fat during the periods that you are not fasting,” suggested Iris Lami, an ACE-certified personal trainer in Kealakekua, HI. “Doing so helps your body become less reliant on sugar for fuel, making you less likely to experience severe blood sugar drops when you do begin fasting.”


-Pop Sugar

Does Intermittent Fasting Cause Bloating?

“A full day of fasting followed by a large, sodium-rich and fibre-deficient meal will most certainly induce bloating,” Iris Lami, an ACE-certified personal trainer in Kealakekua, HI, told POPSUGAR. Beyond that, there’s also the issue of staying hydrated. “If you don’t fast correctly and drink plenty of fluids, it can slow down your digestion,” Iris explained.

-Pop Sugar

A Guide to the Ayurveda Experience of Mind and Body Wellness

“I learned from Iris Rose Lami, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, that ‘there exist three doshas, or life force energies, within each of us. The doshas are pitta, vata, and kapha, and each is characterized by two of the five earthly elements. Each individual possesses his or her own unique ratio of the three doshas.'”

-I Am & Co