Fitness Classes


Gyms in Kona Hawaii are crowded, chaotic, and expensive. Monthly memberships upwards of $100 will land you with access to equipment you don’t know how to operate safely; cardio machines that will squander your metabolism; and packed fitness classes with zero individualized attention. With Bodhidevi, you’ll receive the positive atmosphere and individual attention that you deserve–without having to fight through Kona traffic. Access the support, motivation, and connection you need to push your body and achieve perfect health with Bodhidevi.

Group Fitness Classes

Monday 8AM
Wednesday 8AM
Friday 8AM
6 Weeks – $597

Iris conducts her group fitness classes in an intimate, serene environment, unlike other gyms in Kona Hawaii. Her small class size allows her to observe and cater to the needs of every individual in the group. In Accordance with Ayurvedic principles, Iris designs her workouts to strengthen the body without overtaxing it, thus promoting physical balance and improving stamina. Iris will push you and challenge your limits while still honoring your body’s innate integrity to help you achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Private Fitness Classes

1 Session $75
3 Months  – Twice a Week

If you’re recovering from an injury, training for a special event, or just desire more personal attention in the quest to achieve your fitness goals than gyms in Kona Hawaii can offer, you may be interested in Iris’s private fitness classes. With complete attention to your objectives, body type, physical capacity, and mental approach to exercise, you can be sure that Iris’s private fitness classes will produce results like you’ve never seen before.