About Bodhidevi

What is Bodhidevi, and who does it serve?

Bodhidevi is your one stop shop for all things health and wellness. That means that we provide health and wellness services to nourish every single aspect of your health, from physical fitness and dietary health to spiritual alignment, beautification, and relaxation. Our primary offerings include:

  • Yoga, Fitness, and FitYoga classes designed to maximize strength and flexibility, shape your body, and boost your confidence.
  • Prepared, farm-to-fork organic meals to make healthy eating simple, as well as weight loss support programs.
  • Ayurvedic Consultation services to provide you with personalized dietary, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Spa services, including massages, beauty and rejuvenation treatments.
  • Holistic health products available for pick-up. Our products will soon be available for online purchase.
  • Wellness retreats to help you hit the reset button on your health.

Bodhidevi services the Big Island of Hawaii. Our wellness retreats and consultation services are universally available.

What is Ayurveda, and how can it help me?

Ayurveda is a holistic wellness philosophy that originated in modern-day India over 5,000 years ago. Ayurvedic philosophy maintains that proper nutrition, efficient digestion, and a healthy, balanced lifestyle are the keys to overall wellness. When these elements become unstable, our body’s life force energies, or doshas, become unaligned. This energetic misalignment can cause an array of ailments, ranging from general fatigue, anxiety, and physical pain, to serious conditions like heart disease and cancer. Ayurvedic philosophy maintains that true health can only be restored through life-promoting dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

Ayurvedic medicine promises to help any and every person who feels tired or unhealthy. Ayurveda is distinct from standard Western and holistic medicines in that it honors the bioindividuality of all people. That is, Ayurveda recognizes that we all possess unique physical and mental qualities and thus differ in our nutritional physiological needs. Thus, Ayurvedic practitioners begin their consultations with an assessment of the current state of your doshic energy. Once the practitioner ascertains your unique energetic needs, he or she can offer personalized advice to cure what ails you.

What are Iris’s qualifications?

Iris is an ACE certified personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, and Ayurvedic therapist. She has also managed a farm-to-table, Ayurvedic kitchen at Gingerhill Farm Retreat for 8 years and counting, and has been providing nutritional services, fitness classes, yoga, and other holistic treatments for the duration of her time there as co-director.

What is Gingerhill Farm Retreat, and how is it related to Bodhidevi?

Gingerhill Farm Retreat is an educational eco-retreat center that offers agricultural classes, tours, farm-to-table meals, yoga, meditation, and internship opportunities. Because Iris resides at Gingerhill Farm Retreat, operating the farm as co-director alongside her husband, most of Bodhidevi’s services are based at Gingerhill. Bodhidevi’s studios, kitchen, and consultation spaces are all located on Gingerhill’s property, and members of the Gingerhill staff also engage in and support Bodhidevi’s operations.

What is the Awake Goddess retreat, and how is it related to Bodhidevi?

The Awake Goddess retreat is essentially Bodhidevi’s sister program. Bodhidevi is a comprehensive women’s wellness service that provides women in Hawaii with access to an array of holistic health modalities. These include yoga, exercise, ayurvedic consultation, meal preparation, and more! Awake Goddess is a retreat program that Iris directs under the umbrella of Bodhidevi. Iris packs her 16 years of experience in yoga and nutrition into a week-long Hawaiian getaway. The Awake Goddess retreat incorporates every aspect of Bodhidevi’s various programs, from farm-to-table meals to yoga and exercise. To learn more about Awake Goddess, visit our sister site, https://awakegoddess.com.

What does a membership include, and what are the benefits of having one?

There are two different memberships that we offer: Yoga or Fitness/FitYoga. When you purchase a membership, you are essentially purchasing a class package at a lower cost per class. Memberships are excellent for those who have tried and loved our services, and who can commit to attending weekly classes for at least 3 months. Further, if you sign up, your family members will receive the membership rate without the 3 month commitment. Each membership option also comes with a “health boost,” an additional, complimenting service that will enhance the effectiveness of your exercise routine.

I have never taken a yoga or fitness class before. Can I attend your class?

Absolutely! We take care to cater our classes to any and all levels of expertise. Iris includes various modifications in her yoga and exercise classes to both support newcomers and challenge experienced women. If you are concerned about how a class might affect your physical condition, or if you would like to get acclimated in a more comfortable setting, consider booking a private yoga or personal training session with Iris.

I’ve never heard of FitYoga. What is it, and who is it for?

FitYoga is an efficient yoga and exercise routine designed for the busy woman. This innovative class includes 30 minutes of challenging exercise followed by 30 minutes of Vinyasa-style yoga. FitYoga is great for busy or cash strapped women who can’t attend multiple classes a week. All individuals of a reasonable level of fitness are welcome to join!

What is an Ayurvedic consultation?

An Ayurvedic consultation provides the Ayurvedic therapist with the details necessary to equip you with lifestyle recommendations for achieving optimum health. Iris will assess your mental and physical habits through verbal consultation and questionnaires. She will also ask you to describe any specific health conditions you may be experiencing. Iris will then use your information to determine your doshic makeup, by extension allowing her to create a diet, exercise, and daily habit routine that is specific to your needs.

Are you able to provide products or prepared meal services to regions outside of Hawaii?

Our meals are perishable, as we prepare them fresh just before pick-up. Thus, our prepared meal service is only available in Hawaii at this time. However, we do ship masalas, turmeric, and other non-perishables throughout the United States.

Are men allowed to join the New Moon Circle or Full Moon Ecstatic Dance?

Men are welcome to attend our full moon ecstatic dance celebration. However, our New Moon Circle is intended to be a safe space for women and is therefore reserved for women only.