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DIY Ayurvedic Skin Care

One of the main tenets of Ayurvedic medicine is that you should not apply anything topically that you would not also ingest. That being said, I am very particular about what I include in my Ayurvedic skin care routine. Though I have carefully selected a few...

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Living a Holistic Lifestyle to Manage Mood

My last blog listed a few of my favorite herbal remedies for managing stress and anxiety. While utilizing these products is an excellent way to combat occasional bouts of anxiety, they are not permanent solutions. The key to managing stress and anxiety is living a...

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How to Prepare an Ayurvedic Dinner

If you awake with bloating, nausea, fatigue, or brain fog, you might be quick to blame poor sleep or weak digestion for your troubles. Ayurvedic medicine, however, would beg to differ. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, lethargy and stomach upset, especially in the...

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Fasting 101

Fasting: it’s a hot topic today, and one that is relatively difficult to navigate. There is a wealth of emerging research on the methods and benefits of fasting. There are also a myriad of fasting methods to incorporate into your holistic eating program.  However, the...

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The Meaning of the New Moon in Each Zodiac Sign

The New Moon is a time for rest and reflection. Thousands of years ago, before the lights, toxins, and stressors of moderns systems hijacked and eroded our natural endocrine rhythms, women’s menstrual cycles coincided with the occurrence of the New Moon. The New Moon...

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How to Regulate Hormones Naturally

PMS, mood-swings, fatigue, bloating, and cravings are all just part and parcel of the female experience, right? Wrong. Symptoms of estrogen dominance, pre-menstrual syndrome, and menopause are so common that we have come to believe they are natural and inevitable...

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Ecstatic Dance, Big Island Hawaii Style

Are you seeking ecstatic dance Big Island style? Or looking to learn more about what ecstatic dance is? Most know it as an eccentric, potentially awkward, and utterly life-changing practice of liberated, unmediated physical expression in the presence of total...

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How to “Cheat” On Your Diet for Success!

A lot of women feel encumbered by the dogmatic world of diet culture. Information in magazines and scientific literature effectively divides food into two opposing camps: good food and bad food. Further, the parameters of what is considered “healthy” are constantly...

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How to Live a Sattvic Lifestyle for Optimum Health

Ayurvedic tradition holds that there exist three gunas, or universal energies, that circulate through all matter and all beings. Each individual possesses his or her own unique proportion of the three gunas. Like doshas, gunas are subject to disturbance as a result of...

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The Significance of the Full Moon for Women

At Bodhidevi, we choose to honor nature’s beautiful rhythms by aligning our bodies, minds, and actions with them in true Ayurvedic fashion. One of the most essential methods is to embrace the emotions characteristic of each phase of the lunar cycle. Thus, during this...

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The Wonders of Bone Broth

Bone broth: a temporary diet fad or a healing super-food? If you are a health conscious individual who likes to read up on the latest health discoveries and trends, you have probably heard of bone broth. Though bone broth has only recently hit the shelves of your...

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