Awake Goddess

Reclaim Your Inner Power Retreat

Join us for a week of collective healing and wellness, part of our top-tier Big Island Hawaii Vacations.

Looking for a more immersive wellness experience? Awake Goddess, Bodhidevi’s sister program, offers week-long, restorative yoga and wellness retreats for all women. Awake Goddess is one of the only Big Island Hawaii vacations designed to promote wellbeing through the re-invigoration of our innate feminine energy. Yoga, dance, vibrant nutrition, meditation, and exercise bring our goddess community together in friendship and unity.

However, Awake Goddess is not just a social retreat. Unlike other Big Island Hawaii vacations, Awake Goddess is a conduit for personal healing and growth. All of our activities are simultaneously soothing and fun, but they also serve a higher purpose. A week with Awake Goddess will thus calm and revitalize both mind and body, elevating the whole being in physical and spiritual alignment.

If you want to transform your inner experience and build the life you deserve, then book with us today! Don’t delay. If you wait, then you might lose your spot, as our retreats fill quickly.