Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic philosophy embraces the sanctity of balance.

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, we all differ in physiological and mental disposition. The basis of our difference lies in the disparity between our individual doshic compositions. The three doshas–pitta, vata, and kapha–are the energetic forces that circulate through our bodies to govern physiological activity. We are each born with a unique balance of the three doshas and therefore possess different emotional and physical needs.

The emergence of physical or psychological disease is an indicator that your doshas have become imbalanced. It is our objective at Bodhidevi to help our clients restore their individual doshic equilibrium. In so doing, we help people optimize their mental state, physical fitness, and digestive health, while simultaneously treating existing health conditions and preventing new ones.

What does an Ayurvedic Consultation consist of?

An Ayurvedic Consultation consists of a comprehensive analysis of diet and lifestyle to ascertain one’s doshic makeup. This will allow us to determine lifestyle adjustments to tame and restore doshic energy, treating what ails you and returning you to optimal health.

As part of your Ayurvedic Consultation, we will:
  • Conduct a verbal interview to assess your dietary, exercise, and mental habits, as well as your daily routine and lifestyle preferences.
  • Ask you to fill out a Lifestyle Questionnaire.
  • Discuss any specific medical concerns.
  • Ascertain your doshic makeup.
  • Provide dietary, exercise, and lifestyle prescriptions in accordance with our findings.