The New Moon is a time for rest and reflection. Thousands of years ago, before the lights, toxins, and stressors of moderns systems hijacked and eroded our natural endocrine rhythms, women’s menstrual cycles coincided with the occurrence of the New Moon. The New Moon thus became a symbol for cleansing and regeneration in several cultures. Though most of our cycles are no longer in sync with the lunar calendar, the New Moon remains a powerful reminder of the importance of rest, contemplation, and rejuvenation. Thus, on every New Moon, Bodhidevi hosts an event for women designed to foster connection, reflection, and goal setting. It is one of the only women empowerment events on the Big Island.

Few are aware of the symbolic significance of reflecting on your journey and setting new goals during the New Moon. Even fewer, though, are aware that each New Moon has its own unique energy and meaning. The implications of each New Moon are contingent upon the zodiac sign that the New Moon falls under. This week, we explore what each zodiac sign means for its corresponding New Moon. We incorporate these themes into our women empowerment events to further community and spiritual connections.


Capricorn is the sign of diligence, hard work, and organization. A New Moon in Capricorn therefore calls us to stop slacking and start getting organized. If you have been indulgent and frivolous during the holiday season, the Capricorn New Moon is a great time to organize your calendar, clean your living space, and generally systemize your life for greater productivity and effective goal completion.

Capricorn also calls us to shed that which is inhibiting our productivity and growth. A New Moon in Capricorn may grant you the courage to abandon old commitments, like a bad job or relationship, that are no longer serving you, or that are causing misdirection and chaos in your life. Capricorn is a sign of logic and realism; as such, it may awaken you to a painful truth about a situation or connection that is no longer beneficial to you.

Embrace the energy of this New Moon to create new, realistic goals and detailed plans for reaching them. Use your mental energy for reflecting on what serves you and what doesn’t, and construct goals and plans accordingly. This New Moon will help you realize that success, particularly in the realm of career and finance, is attainable. You just need a plan.


Aquarius is a sociable and intellectual sign. Like Capricorn energy, Aquarius energy is more detached and realistic than emotional. Thus, a New Moon in Aquarius is a great time for socializing, conjecturing, and crafting new ideas. The intellectual energy of this New Moon may foster revolutionary and unprecedented insights concerning your personal and public lives.

Because Aquarius is objective, realistic, and detached, a New Moon in Aquarius is conducive to practicality. The energy of this New Moon will assist you in abandoning plaguing negative emotions. It may help you to view your stressors and struggles more objectively. Doing so will lend you more clarity and control in your life. It can also help you derive positive lessons from old traumas.

During the New Moon in Aquarius, pursue social interactions. Attend one of our women empowerment events. This is a great time to try out new experiences! Aquarius, as a social sign, will also awaken you to your place in your social network. Remain aware of the role you play in your relationships, and let it grant you insight on your strengths and weaknesses. Open up a dialogue about new business ideas or creative projects.


Pisces, unlike the previous two signs, is highly emotional. As a water sign, Pisces ignites deep emotions and creative energy. Thus, a New Moon in Pisces is a great time to begin new creative projects. Delve into your emotions during this New Moon and pursue catharsis through writing, dancing, art, and other forms of creative expression.

Pisces is not emotional in a blubbery, attached way, like Cancer can be. Instead, it opens a window to your higher self. It allows you to access valuable insights and to process their emotional weight. Furthermore, it inspires to you channel these insights through creative endeavors, allowing you to experience, nourish, and protect your internal environment. Thus, it is safe and constructive to spend time alone and surrender to your emotions during a Pisces New Moon.


Aries, as a fire sign, is the first to take action. The first symbol of the zodiac calendar, Aries is a trailblazer with an inspiringly youthful energy. A New Moon in Aries may therefore spark a desire to start a new project. Roll with it, and use your insights from the previous New Moon in Pisces to drive you!

A New Moon in Aries may also cause a swell in confidence, and would be a great time to attend one of our women empowerment events. This is the perfect time to take risks and try new things. It is also prime time to assert yourself in situations where you have been treated poorly. The New Moon in Aries may even grant you the strength to abandon unhealthy or abusive situations in pursuit of an entirely new path. Indeed, Aries is the sign of self-reliance and responsibility.

However, Aries can also be child-like and impulsive. Think back to your New Moon in Capricorn and try to harness a bit of that practical energy and insight to guide you during this New Moon. While charting a new path might be a positive move, be sure to do it with logic and deliberation.


After the energizing New Moon in Aries, you may be feeling the need to recuperate and rest. The New Moon in Taurus is just the time to do so. Taurus is an indulgent and slow sign, calling us to slow down and enjoy life. You may find yourself more inclined to relax at home with an indulging meal. Indeed, Taurus energy will awaken you to your personal needs and the proper means of nurturing them.

Taurus is also tied to the home environment and material possessions. Embrace the inclination to stay home and to evaluate your role in your family. Harness this energy to become more aware of your worldly attachments, and to identify what is really important to you. It is quite possible that you may feel an intense attachment to certain possessions during a Taurus New Moon. And this feeling might actually be an indicator that you need to let that possession go.

Finally, Taurus is the sign of laid-back simplicity. The energy of this New Moon will help us realize the ways in which we are complicating our own lives through various complexities and unnecessary attachments.


Gemini has a reputation for being flighty and frivolous. But a New Moon in Gemini can actually help you access a deeper connection to yourself. As Gemini is the sign of communication, the New Moon in Gemini is an excellent time to write, speak, and perform in ways that grant you insight into your own thoughts and feelings, as well as how to manifest them in your external world.

Gemini is also an incredibly sociable sign—perhaps the most sociable of them all! Thus, the New Moon in Gemini is a great time to socialize. After resting up at home during the Taurus New Moon, you should be ready to get out there and build new connections.

The New Moon in Gemini is anything but frivolous. It can actually be an excellent time to address conflicts, as this New Moon is conducive to effective communication and healthy listening skills. Put in the work during this period to strengthen communications for a healthier, more productive life.


Cancer is an incredibly emotional sign. Thus, the New Moon in Cancer can be incredibly emotional. Like the Taurus New Moon, the Cancer New Moon will also make us more inclined to spend time at home. As a maternal sign, it may also prompt us to rekindle connections with our families and our mothers.

Allow the emotional energy of Cancer to pass through you, but down let it weigh you down. Instead, draw what insights you can from your emotions. What messages do your receive about your security, your family, and your relationships? What is it that leads you to protect yourself in an emotional enclosure—your own metaphorical crab shell? Reflecting on these questions may grant you new insights.

Finally, as Cancer is an imaginative sign, this time is perfect for adding flare and originality to your projects. Use the nurturing energy of this New Moon to care for yourself, the land, and others. Doing so will help you process the intense emotions of this New Moon effectively.


Leo is the sign of creativity, passion, and bravado. Like a New Moon in Aries, a New Moon in Leo might lend to greater confidence. Thus, it is a great time to try something new, particularly things that ignite your passions. This New Moon will be especially valuable for performers, or for creating positive first impressions.

This is an excellent time to reflect on what makes you feel confident and passionate. Is it a career or activity? Does it derive from your lifestyle, or the way that you speak to yourself? Become aware of what makes you feel truly alive during this New Moon, and use that insight to infuse all other aspects of your life with pride and passion.  This is a great time to cast away your fears and embrace your true self. If you are an entrepreneur, it can also be a great time to self-promote or pursue business connections.

As a fire sign, Leo can also be testy. You may find yourself more fiery and reactive during this time. Don’t give in to the feeling too easily, nor repress it. Instead, become aware of its source. What is it that makes you reactive? What does your reaction say about the state of your mind and your life? The best you can do with feelings of anger is to derive insight about yourself from them.


Virgo symbolizes purity and perfection. Much like Capricorn, Virgo is logical and organized, and its New Moon is thus conducive to creating new goals and projects. However, whereas Capricorn drives hard work and efficiency, Virgo encourages us to slow down. Counter to the energy of Aries, Virgo discourages impulsivity. Instead, it fosters reasoned, deliberate decision making, with fine attention to detail.

As Virgo is extremely detailed-oriented, this New Moon is perhaps the best time to get your finances in order. It may also call you to spend more time alone in careful reflection. Use this alone time to strategize in the arenas of career, finances, and health, setting concrete goals for success. This is an especially great time to process the larger, loftier goals that have been daunting you for a long time.


Libra, as the zodiac symbol of the scales, encourages us to pursue balance in all things. If you are behaving excessively in any aspect of your life, harness the energy of this New Moon to moderate yourself. If you are feeling emotionally imbalanced, try to tap into your psyche. What is it that is serving as a source of emotional instability in your life? Utilize the insights of this New Moon to cast away what destabilizes you and detracts from your vibrancy.

The New Moon in Libra lends to empathy and objectivity. Thus, this New Moon is an excellent time to revisit long-standing conflict. You may find yourself less reactive and more understanding of countering perspectives during this time. This empathetic, level headed approach will lend to conflict resolution, creating ease and alignment in your relationships.

Though Libras are logical and empathetic, they do tend to become wrapped up in superficial concerns. Instead of focusing critically on possession and appearances, use this time to create emotional balance. This would be an excellent time to attend one of our women empowerment events and tune into yourself.


It’s a wonderful joke in the world of zodiac buffs that Scorpios are the most intense of all of the zodiac signs. There is, of course, and element of truth to that. But Scorpio’s energy is intense and beautiful. It can lend itself to profound, even revolutionary changes, as well as groundbreaking awareness and emotional breakthroughs.

You may find yourself feeling dark, even unstable, during this New Moon. Don’t be afraid to visit those places in yourself. This New Moon will help you find insight in the deepest parts of you. It may provide you with the courage to trudge through and process traumas, thus allowing you to relinquish them and begin to heal. Scorpio governs the internal environment, so this is an excellent time to embrace your emotions. It can also be a great time to do a dietary cleanse.

Scorpio has a powerful psychic energy, and in many ways channels the cycles of death and rebirth. This can lend to intense feelings. But it also sparks a deeper, more profound sexual energy that can make this New Moon really fun. You may find yourself discovering new, more powerful forms of sexual connection than ever before.

Finally, this New Moon is perhaps the most conducive to abandonment and growth. It encourages us to walk away from things that are no longer serving us, to let die what needs to. It inspires us to move on, guided by our intuition, to better things.


The New Moon in Sagittarius will provide a boost of positive energy—much needed after the intensity of the Scorpio New Moon. This New Moon calls you to embrace the good and think positively. It will excite you, allowing you to focus on what makes you happy. It is especially conducive to fun and dancing, as Sagittarius governs the hips. Our women empowerment events are especially fun and exciting under the Sagittarius New Moon.

Sagittarius also governs philosophy, education, and intercultural experiences. Thus, this New Moon is a great time to book a trip, read a book, and have meaningful conversations with others. Revisit your outlook on life. Start reading about a topic that interests you.

Finally, embrace the light yet brazen energy of Sagittarius to be fully yourself. The energy of this New Moon is quite adventurous. But you won’t be able to tap into it if you aren’t feeling positive or confident. Cultivate the perspective conducive to pride and natural self-expression.