At Bodhidevi, we choose to honor nature’s beautiful rhythms by aligning our bodies, minds, and actions with them in true Ayurvedic fashion. One of the most essential methods is to embrace the emotions characteristic of each phase of the lunar cycle. Thus, during this past Hawaii full moon—also a Super Blood Wolf Moon—we allowed energy, conflict, and change to guide us on the journey that is living.

During the New Moon, we host our New Moon Sister Circle. The Sister Circle allows women to turn inward, to process and rejuvenate together. Soon we will be debuting a dinner and ecstatic dance event to celebrate the spiritual energy of the full moon.

In this week’s post we explore the symbolism of the full moon, including this month’s Super Blood Wolf Moon. Wondering how and why to attune your own life to the lunar cycle? Read on!

The Moon, Symbolism, and Human Emotion

We associate the moon with a myriad of symbolic meanings deriving from different origins and cultures. Broadly speaking, the moon is said to influence fluids, our minds, and our dreams. It symbolizes and influences our deepest emotions and our internal landscape.

Because the moon both represents and influences our internal space, it is powerfully connected to several elements of our lives. Our pasts, our spirituality, our dark secrets and moods, our sends of mysticism, our deepest feelings: all will all reflect the state of the moon.

The moon is a particularly powerful symbol for women. It is a physical manifestation of the sacred feminine, the opposite of our masculine sun. Perhaps the connection between the lunar cycle and women’s emotions derives from ancestral inclinations. Long ago, before modern living began to disturb our elemental circadian rhythms, women’s cycles would typically sync with the lunar cycle. Women menstruated during the new moon, a time of rejuvenation and rest. They ovulated during the full moon, a time to embrace the external self through energetic, creative expression. Indeed, we observe higher conception rates during the Hawaii full moon even today!

At Bodhidevi, we observe that the state of the moon can impact the state of human emotion, particularly for women. We believe it is healthy to practice self-expression and self care in accordance with the phase of the moon and the emotions that it invokes. Indeed, our mindfulness of the state of the moon aligns with one of the core principles of Ayurveda: to align oneself with the rhythms of nature.

The Meaning of the Full Moon

Your relationship with yourself and your emotions will naturally change in accordance with the progressing lunar cycle. The effect may be particularly intense if you are highly aligned or energetically sensitive. The new moon is a time of rest, regeneration, re-evaluation, and new beginnings.

The opposite of the new moon in the context of the lunar cycle, the full moon is an exuberant time. The full moon calls us to experience our external selves in much the same way the new moon calls us to observe our internal self. The Hawaii full moon is thus a natural time for emotional release and creative expression. During the full moon, you may feel inclined to cast off old binds and restraints; to harness your swelling energy to overcome obstinate challenges; and to leverage the peak of your emotional instincts to abandon negative habits, situations, or relationships.

The full moon is an exuberant time, an energetic peak. Ayurvedic philosophy holds that the Hawaii full moon will heighten Shakti prana, our empowered, elemental, cosmic, feminine energy. This increase in spiritual energy will powerfully impact all aspects of a woman’s internal and external health. It is a powerful emotional and physical energy that compels alignment of the spirit, body, and mind.

Furthermore, the full moon represents a balancing of lunar and solar energy, an equalization of yin and yang. But it also calls the moon and the sun into opposite signs of the zodiac. This polarity can intensify emotions and mental processes. Strong emotional experiences, lucid and memorable dreams, and significant life events are all part of the Hawaii full moon. It is therefore an excellent time for meditation, or for creative expression through art, music, and dance.

Full Moon in Leo

This past Hawaii full moon in Leo was particularly intense! The full moon of January 20th-21st, 2019, was a Super Blood Wolf Moon:

  • It was a Super Moon, i.e. when the moon is closer to the earth in orbit and therefore appears larger to the naked eye. Folklore holds that super moons are particularly emotional and intense.
  • It was the first moon of the New Year, what the Native Americans refer to as the “wolf moon.”
  • It was a blood moon as a result of a rare lunar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse, the earth falls directly in between the sun and the moon. The moon is therefore illuminated not by direct sunlight, but by sunlight that is refracted through the earth’s atmosphere. Eclipses give the moon a gorgeous, red-orange glow.

Super moons always invoke intense emotions. The blood moon only intensified the effects of this full moon. A blood moon can symbolize either bad omens or the path to elevated consciousness. Furthermore, lunar eclipses facilitate mystery, transitions, and even conflict. You can expect a significant, unexpected, and positive transition to come your way during this special time.

This past Hawaii full moon will powerfully impact private life. This phase of the moon catalyzes intense emotional experiences and feelings of instability. However, it will ultimately illuminate your path as you move forward. It will call forth and initiate significant changes in your life that will set you on the path to alignment. This full moon will lend you the clarity and power to remove yourself from non-beneficial situations.