We hear a lot of talk about energy every time the Full Moon comes around. From claims of turbulent energy to strange coincidences and tense conflicts, the Full Moon is a powerful time. But many people don’t realize that a New Moon is just as energetically significant as the Full Moon. The New Moon promises growth and rejuvenation, energetic cleansing and resurgence.

On today’s New Moon, take time to process the last lunar cycle and set intentions for the next month.

The Meaning of a New Moon

The New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle. During this period, the Sun, Moon, and Earth align so that the sunlit part of the moon faces away from the earth, rendering the moon virtually invisible to the naked eye. The New Moon is the stellar opposite of the Full Moon.The latter takes place when the sunlit part of the moon faces the earth and illuminates the sky.

As the Full Moon’s lunar opposite, the New Moon’s energetic and symbolic meanings run counter to those of the Full Moon. During the Full Moon, we experience peak energy, the climax of a cycle. The New Moon, on the other hand, represents the completion of a period of waning energy and the beginning of a new life cycle. It is thus a symbol of tranquility, transition, change, and new beginnings.

The New Moon is a time of purification. An individual or community releases the tension and energy of the previous lunar cycle. In so doing, one wipes the slate clean, creating energetic space for new goals and intentions, new thoughts and habits. It is also an excellent time to design and embark upon internal and external self-improvement projects. Some may reflect on the changes completed in the previous cycle and use those as a platform for further growth and change. Others may take this time to realign goals within their respective communities.

As a time of purifying energy, self-reflection, and reincarnation of the spirit, the New Moon is an excellent opportunity to perform cleansing rituals. Sage baths, journaling, and throwing old negative thoughts and experiences into the fire all aid in the energetic cleansing process. In the process, visualize the negative flowing out and positivity flowing in.

The Power of the New Moon for Women

The New Moon is a particularly powerful time for women, as it is said that our menstrual cycles used to align with the lunar cycle. Indeed, Ayurvedic Medicine holds that women are far more in tune with natural cycles and circadian rhythms than men. Thus, many women may feel both intense feelings of processing and closure and bright hope for new beginnings during the beginning of a lunar cycle.

As the moon wanes after the Full Moon, we may feel our collective energies depleting, or a journey coming to a close. As the New Moon begins to wax again, we feel reinvigorated with new energy. Women find it empowering to gather in reflection during this powerful energetic phase to share their transformations with one another.

At Bodhidevi, we gather together at the time of every New Moon to reflect on the previous lunar cycle and set intentions for the next. We write our intentions as if they are already true so as to manifest them in the upcoming months. We also collectively process and release our personal struggles, often by writing them down and burning them in a fire. Thousands of women all over the world gather in these types of circles every New Moon.

New Moon in Scorpio

Today’s New Moon, on November 7, 2018, marks the New Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is a water symbol, and it is the deepest and most intense sign there is. Scorpio season is thus a time for deep and often difficult reflection.

The New Moon in Scorpio demands that we dig deep into our consciousness to immerse ourselves in buried wounds and memories. Immersion is not for the sake of torture, of course, but for the sake of processing, healing, and changing. Though Scorpio prompts us to visit difficult places, it also promises profound healing, passion, and spiritual transformation.

Scorpio represents the most extreme states that the human mind can achieve. It thus prompts us to encounter our most extreme and often unexpected emotions. New Moon in Scorpio is an intense time, full of sharp intuition, raw energy, and often pain. This energy calls us away from our delusions, our everyday lives, and all that we use to numb ourselves. It draws us to our true inner self and requires brutal honesty.

These calls toward deep self-reflection can be difficult. But they draw us not only to our weakest parts, but also to our strongest. In fact, the energy of Scorpio allows us to find strength in pain and weakness. It may also teach us things about ourselves that we didn’t realize.

These realizations demand significant changes and have far reaching implications in our lives. Don’t be afraid if Scorpio’s energy makes you question your job, your relationships, and your life; it is calling you to a place of growth and truth.

Scorpio and Sensuality

Scorpio is also one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, making the New Moon in Scorpio an excellent time to explore the senses. Whether that growth is emotional, spiritual, or sexual, you can expect it to be completely transformative. You may find during this time that releasing your cerebral hang-ups and following your raw desires brings joy and relief.


Scorpio also explores topics of control, power, and manipulation. You may realize during this time that you are being manipulated or that you lack power. Alternatively, you may become more aware of the innate power and control that you do possess and find inspiration to use it constructively.