Taking a trip to the doctor is a hassle. Prescription medications are expensive, and typically result in unpleasant side effects. But staying home sick can be a drag, and for many isn’t even an option. So what are you to do when you are tired, sick, dry, or infected? Thankfully, there are several Ayurvedic home remedies that promise relief from conditions ranging from dry skin, eczema, and inflammation, to fatigue, sore throat, and flu. You might be surprised to find that you already have several of these Ayurvedic home remedies in your own home! Just be sure, when sourcing these items, that you are choosing fresh, local, in season, and organic products.


Lemon juice is a powerful healing tonic and is thus incorporated into several Ayurvedic home remedies. Applied topically overnight, lemon juice is an excellent treatment for acne, blackheads, and scarring, producing results in as little as two weeks. To tame oily skin, mix lemon juice with oatmeal and an egg white and leave on as a mask for 15 minutes.

Consuming hot water with lemon juice also eases constipation, thus clearing the body of toxic ama and promoting healthy skin from the outside in. Drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning will boost your digestion, promote detoxification, and fight fatigue.


An antioxidant in turmeric called curcumin is responsible for the orange root’s powerful medicinal properties. Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Thus, ingesting turmeric can ease a whole host of inflammatory conditions, from acne and depression to asthma and pain. As every injury and illness produces inflammation, turmeric is sure to provide relief from whatever ails you.

Ground turmeric can be used topically to disinfect wounds and promote healing. Mixed with lemon juice, turmeric powder creates a paste that can be applied under the eyes to reduce dark circles. Mixing turmeric powder with black pepper and warm milk provides relief from colds, and is one of the most popular Ayurvedic home remedies. Ever heard of golden milk?


Oats are high in fiber and iron, and are thus excellent to incorporate into your diet if you suffer from constipation or anemia. Applied topically, oatmeal relieves dry, itchy skin, be it from acne, eczema, or infection. To increase the efficacy of topical application, try adding anti-inflammatory turmeric, antiseptic honey, or detoxifying essential oils.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil boasts a myriad of health benefits, both internal and external. This popular oil is excellent for skin and hair care. Unlike most other oils, which are heavy and warm, coconut oil is light and cool. It is thus suitable for all doshas to use topically. Coconut oil can be applied to the skin to treat dryness and acne, or left in the hair overnight as a moisturizing hair mask. It can go a long way in preventing dandruff. And its high levels of pyruvic acid allow it to kill bacteria on the skin, treating skin infections and acne without over-drying.

Coconut oil has medicinal applications for internal use as well. Consuming coconut oil supplies the body with short and medium chain fatty acids that can be used as fuel. It is therefore an excellent way to fight fatigue and supply quick, non-stimulating energy. Regular consumption of coconut oil also prevents the overgrowth of candida albicans, a type of yeast that, when overgrown, causes fatigue, acne, digestive complications, and more.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Consuming apple cider vinegar is another excellent way to treat intestinal candida overgrowth. Doing so can, in turn, treat vaginal yeast infections and increase energy levels. It also helps mucus from the sinuses to drain, making it a useful tool when you have a cold or sinus infection.

Apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment for skin infections like ringworm. Apply the vinegar diluted with water to the infection twice a day until pain and swelling subside. If the mixture stings too harshly, try adding coconut oil to further dilute the vinegar.

Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent source of cancer-fighting antioxidants. But it is also useful in treating other ailments. Consuming green tea helps to fight fatigue without over-stimulating the nervous system, as it’s concentrated levels of L-Theanine simultaneously promote energy and calm. Green tea also boosts metabolism, thus aiding in the treatment of obesity. A little green tea with lemon can be great for subduing a headache.

Green tea has a host of topical benefits as well. Applying green tea or used green tea bags to the skin effectively reduces irritation, providing relief from eczema, acne, and infection. Place the bags under your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles resulting from stress and fatigue.


Honey is a medicinal powerhouse in Ayurvedic medicine and one of the most versatile Ayurvedic home remedies. That’s because honey is antimicrobial and antiseptic, making it appropriate for treating infections and irritation. Applying honey topically helps to treat acne, dry skin, and skin infection. A blend of cinnamon, honey, and olive oil can also help prevent hair loss and dandruff.

Ingesting honey can be useful in treating a whole host of conditions. For asthma, colds, and flu, take a mixture of honey, cinnamon, and hot water at night. Taken in the morning, this same concoction provides energy support and treats hangovers, particularly if you add lemon juice or clove. A blend of steeped mint, honey, and lime juice treats morning sickness, sore throat, and obesity. Boiled in water alone, honey provides excellent pain relief. Blended with fresh squeezed orange juice and a little cinnamon, honey reduces stress and anxiety.


Bananas provide several essential vitamins and minerals, as well as a healthy source of sugar. They are therefore excellent for providing a quick energy boost and fighting fatigue. Bananas are particularly rich in potassium. Consuming banana with a sprinkle of sea salt, followed by a glass of water, balances electrolytes and supports hydration. In turn, this concoction can prevent and treat muscle cramps. Applied topically, banana moisturizes and soothes dry, irritated skin.


Garlic, like honey, is another Ayurvedic panacea. Garlic’s list of applications is unsurpassable. It is an effective antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic. Consuming garlic is thus an excellent choice if you are suffering from any sort of virus, infection, parasite, or overgrowth. Boiling garlic and sugar to create syrup will help treat coughs, colds, and asthma. Applied topically, a clove or two of garlic puts up a powerful fight against warts and yeast infections.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is mineral rich and a powerful antiseptic. You’ve probably been instructed to rinse and gargle with sea salt if you have a toothache or sore throat. Doing so also kills bacterial overgrowth in the mouth, preventing cavities and bad breath. Boiling fresh peppermint with salt creates a refreshing antiseptic mouthwash to prevent pain and odor.

Consuming water mixed with sea salt helps hydrate the cells and promotes cellular detoxification, thus fighting fatigue and dehydration. It can also aid in the treatment of low blood pressure, preventing dizziness. If you suffer from constipation, blending a quart of warm water with 2 tbsp. of sea salt creates a powerful colon cleanser that flushes the GI tract without causing severe dehydration and dependence. Just be sure, when you try this “Sea Salt Cleanse” that you are able to be near a bathroom for several hours. Yes, it’s that powerful.


Ginger joins garlic and honey as one of the best Ayurvedic home remedies. Chewing on ginger or boiling it to make a tea helps relieve nausea and morning sickness. It also promotes digestion, providing relief from constipation and bloating. If you are particularly constipated, try stewing prunes with fresh ginger. Mixing ginger tea with cinnamon, clove, and honey helps to treat coughs and sinus complications.


Fennel is popular among Ayurvedic home remedies because it is both powerful and versatile. Chewing on fennel seeds is an excellent treatment for halitosis and secretes digestive juices to prevent constipation. Fennel tea and essential oil are effective in reducing gas and bloating and promoting elimination in a gentle, effective way. Perhaps most influentially, fennel promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid. As a healthy lymphatic system is key to overcoming any illness and infection, it is great to consume fennel regardless of what ails you.


Basil is another herb with powerful applications. Crush a handful of basil and a bit of raw ginger to extract the juice. Then combine with a spoon of honey to treat fever. Chewing basil leaves after a meal also helps to treat acid reflux. Crushing the leaves with orange zest creates whitening toothpaste. Finally, adding chlorophyll rich basil to smoothies and dishes promote detoxification, thereby preventing fatigue.