What’s in a name? For Bodhidevi, a lot. Bodhidevi is actually a unique fusion of two words, bodhi and devi. The combined meaning translates literally to “enlightened goddess.” We offer a broad array of services, from holistic retreats and yoga classes to fitness classes and nutritional services. Our many services differ in their nature and origins, but they are united by a unique purpose: to awaken the goddess within by nurturing both physical and spiritual health. You would be hard pressed to find other holistic retreats and health services whose explicit purpose is the empowerment of the divine feminine through self-care and balance.


“Bodhi” is a Sanskrit name for one of the core concepts of Buddhist philosophy. Translating literally to “enlightenment,” the term Bodhi actually derives from the verbal root “budh,” meaning “to awaken.” Bodhi therefore refers to a process of awakening. In Buddhist philosophy, Bodhi is the evolution toward achieving the enlightened state of nirvana. The term actually alludes to Buddha’s own personal enlightenment, which took place under the canopy of a Bodhi tree. Bodhi is also short for Bodhisattva, the Sanskrit word for “enlightenment-being.”

Bodhi is not simply a static state of consciousness. Rather, it is the path of increasing awareness and connectivity that guides us to the state of supreme, complete enlightenment, or nirvana. It is an intuitive, conscious understanding of how consciousness came to presence and of the interconnectedness of life forms. Obtained in the course of transcending the delusion of the everyday and coming to understand the source of all creation, achieving Bodhi awakens us to the mutual reliance of all things, the dependence of the existence of one thing upon the existence of another.


“Devi” is the Sanskrit word for goddess, the feminine form of divinity. The proper noun refers to the Hindu concept of the divine mother, the creator of all things. In the Shakta Hindu tradition, Devi is the highest Supreme Being, the creator without a source, from whom the earth and heavens bloomed. Devi not only created the world; she also occupies all beings, objects, and forces. She is the infinite, undying conscious energy contained in all aspects of earth and Heaven.

Devi is the divine creator in some traditions and a feminine force of divinity embodied in other entities and goddesses in others. She also performs critical functions in the world. Devi eliminates the evils forces that disturb the planet’s delicate equilibrium. She created it, but she also has the capacity to obliterate and re-create it. She blesses the earth and serves as an inspiring model for earthly women. Devi protects villages and tribes. And she is embodied in female earthly saints and yoginis who are revered for their spiritual power.

Drawing the Concepts Together

In combing Bodhi and Devi into Bodhidevi, we’ve established a term for a spiritually aligned “awakened goddess.” Is it any surprise, then, that one of our holistic retreats is actually called “Awake Goddess?” We chose the name “Bodhidevi” for our business because the fusion of these spiritual concepts creates a model for a healthy, nourished, confident, and spiritually awakened method of living. It is our objective at Bodhidevi to provide the services and support necessary to elevate all of our clients to become divine goddesses.

So how do the services we provide nurture both the Bodhi and Devi in each of us?

Achieving Bodhi Through Yoga

Bodhidevi offers Vinyasa style classes that incorporate both Pranayama and meditation. Our classes therefore transcend the purely physical Hatha practice and allow clients to peacefully explore their inner environment. Indeed, the combination of asanas and pranayama permit a holistic meditation of the whole being that opens us to viscerally experience the oneness of all things. In so doing, we equip students with the tools necessary to release external stimuli, focus inward, and explore the depths of consciousness. Such exploration permits the expanded awareness and elevated consciousness necessary to achieve Bodhi and progress toward enlightenment.

Finding Bodhi Elsewhere

But yoga isn’t the only tool for exploring the consciousness and elevating the mind that Bodhidevi provides. Bodhidevi also offers Ayurvedic consultations to help you determine your dosha. Oftentimes we discover through these consultations that our clients suffer from either excess or dwindling agni, pitta, vata, or kapha. When these energies are imbalanced, we experience physical and emotional disturbances that cloud the consciousness. These disturbances hinder the transcendence of worldly delusions and the achievement of enlightenment. We have found that once our clients implement the changes we suggest during our consultations, they experience not just physical and mental improvements, but also spiritual growth, and increased acceptance. They also develop stronger feelings of connectivity with the planet, their food, and other human beings.

Bodhidevi’s prepared meals are a means to the same ends. Our chef and Ayurvedic specialist collaborate to create organic, nourishing, plant based meals free of the consciousness clouding additives and inflammatory compounds that most foods sadly contain. In fact, every single service we offer works to catapult you along the path to enlightenment. Our Agro Boot Camp, one of our holistic retreats, combines a cleansing, soothing, and empowering exercise routine with meditative garden activities to unify body and nature. Our special membership packages combine consultations and cleansing massages with other services. In all that we do, we strive to remove the roadblocks to enlightenment. In so doing, we empower you to carry on your journey.

Nourishing Your Devi With Bodhidevi

Your Devi is your inner goddess. A shockingly disturbing number of women have completely lost touch with their divine womanhood. They feel more shame in their femininity than pride. Women with full figures face hostility. Dietary dogma has women confused and ashamed about what they are eating. Women treat their own bodies as visual stimuli and machines for work and the pleasure of others instead of treating them as their divine temples. All in all, modern culture has women questioning and punishing their bodies more than loving them.

We want to change that. That’s why our holistic retreats and services are designed to awaken you to the sacredness of your divine womanhood. In fact, that is the primary objective of our Awake Goddess holistic retreats—to create a safe environment for women to reinvigorate, nurture, and celebrate their womanhood.

Our other services, too, will help you get back in touch with your body. Yoga, exercise, and healthy food will help you build bodily intuition, strength, and confidence. They also energize the body with prana and nutrients while expelling harmful substances. Our Agro Boot Camp will bring you outdoors to reconnect with the mother and bask in her healing energy. Explore our offerings, join us, and discover how great it feels to be the healthiest, happiest woman you know.